Dai Due

Austin-based chef Jesse Griffiths and Tamara Mayfield founded Dai Due in 2006 as a roving supper club. Committed to using local and organic ingredients, they support Texas-based farmers and ranchers striving to improve the quality and sustainability of what we eat.


Los chefs Jesse Griffiths y Tamara Mayfield fundaron en 2006 Dai Due, un club de cenas itinerante en Austin, usando solo ingredientes locales y orgánicos, para apoyar a los granjeros y agricultores de Texas, que se esfuerzan en mejorar la calidad y la sustentabilidad de los alimentos que consumimos. 


In 2014 Dai Due opened a brick-and-mortar restaurant and butcher shop in east Austin, for which MiniSuper redesigned and expanded the brand’s visual vocabulary, creating signage, menus, a website, food packaging, and collateral. We brought in other makers, such as illustrator Annie Taylor and sign painter Gary Green, to keep the focus on organic detail and the value of things made by human hands.


En 2014 Dai Due abrió un restaurante y una carnicería en el este de Austin, cuyo branding MiniSuper rediseñó. Colaboramos con la ilustradora Annie Taylor y el rotulista Gary Green, enfocándose en detalles orgánicos y en el valor de las cosas hechas a mano.


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